Defining Who You ARE and What That Means

Today we have a fantastic guest speaker Isabel Draughon! Isabel is a mother, wife, and entrepreneur. She is the Founder of Loud Whisper Reignite, your voice; she is a life, transformational mental fitness coach, and spiritual mentor. She works with entrepreneurs and purposed-driven women who, despite their success, have lost their voice. And the connection to the essence of the inner being, the core of who they are.

Struggling to answer the question WHO AM I Isabell guides them to connect to their heart and intuition. To unearth deeply held beliefs, desires, and their perception of themselves to know who they are, find joy, peace, and freedom to write their own story.

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Podcast Topics:

What does that meant to you? Who Am I?

Where does your desire to continue to strive toward a vibrant lifestyle come from?