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What Everyone is Saying?

As a female transformational coach, Sabrina Victoria hosts speaking engagements, workshops, one on one coaching and programs that transform. Her clients appreciate her 'straight shooter' mentality and the reviews prove it. 


Emily Tosoni

I had the great privilege to be a guest on Sabrina's podcast, Her Version, and to get to know her a bit during the process. Sabrina was a joy to work with, flexible and understanding, and a phenomenal interviewer. I've been a guest on a few different podcasts to talk about my story and the story of losing our son and Sabrina was by far my favorite. Her questions were so genuine and thoughtful and it made it easy for me to feel comfortable as her guest. (LinkedIn Recommendation)

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Tina Kadish

I was recently a guest on Sabrina Victoria's podcast and what an amazing experience I had. Not only was Sabrina very organized and asked excellent questions, she was so caring and truly wanted to know about me as her guest. I highly recommend her podcast because you will not be disappointed. (LinkedIn Recommendation)


I originally started following Sabrina on her time management and organization page and recently was introduced to this platform. Sabrina had shared some of her story on HB365, but I had no idea the vast amount of life experience this woman had until visiting her here (FB). Experiencing her story first hand through her words has made this woman’s impact on my life that much greater. I look forward to hearing more. (Facebook)


Lea Seren

Sabrina is a profesional in everything she embarks. She’s compassionate and strong built, creative and understanding. She’s down to earth and grounded, however generous and an incredible host, she’s always keeping the space for the guest in a safe and freeing spotlight, as to get out there the incredible material she brings in with smart and relevant questions. I’d Reccomended her for profiling, juman resources, healing and systemic processes, or any company ir person who’s got a message and or needs a leader to guide their people in to a unifying well-being. Thank you Sabrina! (LinkedIn Recommendation)


Michael Ulrich

Sabrina is very professional, highly motivated and enthusiastic! Its always a pleasure working with her, she puts tons of time into her clients needs. Her energy is outstanding! I love the positive mind set and optimism. If you or someone you know is looking for help with time management or organization she is your girl! (LinkedIn Recommendation)

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Deborah Thompson

I have known Sabrina for over 10 years. I find her to be hard working, intelligent, trustworthy, witty, respectful, and kind. (LinkedIn Recommendation)


Groff Braboy

I highly and confidently recommend Sabrina for any of your business coaching needs. Her optimism & outgoing personality are infectious and her knowledge & business acumen are an asset to any company. She approaches individuals with compassion and is the type of individual that finds success in any challenge she encounters. (LinkedIn Recommendation)

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Andrew Tirado

She never failed to keep the energy and the morale of the whole company up. She was always willing to work with a new employee to teach and coach them to be the best version of themselves. Without a doubt my favorite Boss, she wasn’t your typical Boss. Sabrina was always there to Coach people through situations and sometimes even mentor people through their tough times. (LinkedIn Recommendation)


Brandon Chadwick

Sabrina is a supremely talented coach in the empath arena. Her compassion for people is unmatched and her skills around mental/emotional health are exceptional. Sabrina has the ability to story tell in a way that creates community, inspiration and a real love for life. She's a great speaker, a great coach, and an even greater human. (LinkedIn Recommendation)


Matthew Mayer

Sabrina is an engaging and helpful colleague who not only cares about the well being of her clients, but works hard to get the value added messages and topics to life, helping others leading a healthy lifestyle beyond her immediate clientele. Professional, engaging, and results oriented! (LinkedIn Recommendation)


Adam Moss

I find Sabrina to be very personable and accessible, two very important qualities. Sabrina understands the value of good team members and delivers her clients results. (LinkedIn Recommendation)


Glen Smith

She was professional while being personable, quick to respond while being thorough, all while actually caring about me as a person throughout the process. (LinkedIn Recommendation)


Daniel Braid

She was a pleasure working with and her passion for her profession radiates off of her onto others. She is a great asset to have and will get the job done! (LinkedIn Recommendation)


Robert Smith

I can attest to the fact that Sabrina is an expert in her field. Dedicated, and practices what she preaches on a daily basis. (LinkedIn Recommendation)


Jason Nordendale

Sabrina is an extremely intelligent, well-organized and forward-thinking professional.


Devin Bates

Sabrina is extremely reliable and really understands how to execute. She definitely understands her business and will do whatever it takes to get the job done. She is professional but can still relate to anyone at anytime. All of my interactions with Sabrina have been great and I am looking forward to getting to work with her again at some point. (LinkedIn Recommendation)


Jim Swankler

I enjoyed working with Sabrina (and you will too)! Not only does she have a very likable personality, she possesses strong business acumen from daily operations to start-ups and implementation. (LinkedIn Recommendation)


Pamela Fritz

Sabrina is a very hard worker and very dedicated to her work . She strives on excellence and on being the best as she can. She's an honest, caring, respectful, very positive and amazing person. She will be a joy and pleasure to work with. (LinkedIn Recommendation)


Mary Ann

Not only has Sabrina greatly influenced my sobriety but she has been a solid female influence for me on multiple levels. She has inspired my healthier habits for my body and strengthened my relationship with my family. Her outlook and view on life is a constant ball of calm and optimism that really encouraged me to look within and find my own power and strength. I appreciate everything Sabrina has done for me, and I look forward to learning more. (Facebook)


Tom Pikus

Her ability to handle multiple projects is unlike any I’ve seen before and makes a dramatic impact with everyone she comes into contact with. (LinkedIn Recommendation)


Genevieve G

I just wanted to say thanks for the love and also, thank you for being one the ingredients in the catalyst that started my journey to self love almost 3 years ago. Not sure if you remember me reaching out, but I had. I had recognized the relationship I was in was abusive and becoming unsafe for myself and my little guys and I had found your page (and on YouTube and Facebook) and soaked up your info every time you posted. Eventually I gathered up the nerve to ask you how you were able to get out of your own toxic situation and you gave me your input. So I started to put it into practice. I was able to leave, got my own place, and started to pick up the pieces. The end of April will be 3 years since I’ve been rebuilding and I can’t remember if I ever thanked you. So thank you for shining a light and continuing to make content that is positive and motivating. Thank you for helping me in that moment take the first step in organizing and prioritizing my life and ultimately my initial safety. Thank you for being a strong woman. Much love and appreciation. (Instagram)


David Haycock

Sabrina’s optimistic outlook on all situations, regardless how challenging or daunting a task may be, is infectious. She tackles challenges with vigor and sees them through to completion. (LinkedIn Recommendation)


Paul Shakuri

Sabrina is a hard working individual who cares about what she does. Her energy and excitement brings happiness to anyone. She’s full of life and has many talents that true Entrepreneurs have! She’s a rockstar ! (LinkedIn Recommendation)


Charlotte Potter

I bought Sabrina's 90 day planner last year when it first came out, and it helped tremendously in getting my mom life back together after moving! I never would have gotten to where I am now mentally or financially if it weren't for her. Her podcasts and inspirational stories about being a single mom have inspired me time after time! (Facebook Review)


Paul Shakuri

Sabrina is a kind mentor who is firm, direct and to the point. She cares and is empathetic to her audiences needs. (Facebook Review)


Victor Anderson

Sabrina is an incredibly driven and transformational leader. From sales teams and sales processes that she has formed from the ground up, to a lifestyle brand and motivational speaker. Sabrina is never content with remaining under any "ceiling" in her way and she does demands that you break through them as well. (LinkedIn Recommendation)


Mike Davis

This is powerful Sabrina, I dig it a lot. Not that I’m surprised by your passion and drive to encourage and empower not only women but men to defend women who haven’t yet reached that level of speaking up for themselves. You’re a catalyst for the human voice when someone doesn’t have the strength to speak. I love it. (Facebook Post)


Jon Salk

Professionalism, positive attitude, with an infectious will to not only succeed, but to make those around her better. Sabrina is an artisan when it comes to developing strong focused teams and in exceeding goals. If you need someone that can help you organize and implement, you have found her. (LinkedIn Recommendation)