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Her Version has become more than a place for women to come for comfort, it has become a great location for female coaches to share their expertise with our audience and really help our audience on a one on one basis.

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You Did Awesome!

This is what you are automatically receiving for giving your time!  

Thank you for your participation! Your story and insight will be inspiring so many women as our platform continues to grow and expand!

  • Social Media tagging on Facebook leading up to LIVE podcast.

  • Vibrant graphics created to announce your guest appearance.

  • LIVE video podcast shown on 3+ platforms. Your business website will be listed under your LIVE video.

  • Podcast uploaded to Soundcloud, iTunes, etc.

  • Invited into the PRIVATE Her Version FB Group.

  • Raw podcast video emailed to you for your social media use.

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Invest In Yourself.

Everything from Executive Package plus:


  • An additional 3+ pieces of content are created using your original video by splicing it for YouTube. Vibrant titles & graphics will be created for each video.

  • Every video version will be tagged and listed with your name, business, website, email and your relevant social media platforms in the description.

  • Invited to participate on our LIVE Monthly Impact Panels with your business name and contact information available for our audience to see.

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Our Most Popular.

Everything from Executive & Gold Packages plus:


  • Ten beautifully formulated social media postings and tagging of your videos and audio from Sabrina Victoria's platform to your platform over the course of 60 days. Including: Insta, FB, Linkedin

  • All 6 audio platforms of our podcast will be tagged in the description with your name, business, website, email and all social media platforms. Uploaded to: Soundcloud, iTunes, Spotify , etc.

  • Take over the Her Version Facebook group for an hour, share a topic that gives value to our members and share your expertise.

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Our Best Deal.

Everything from Executive, Gold & Premium Packages plus:


  • Exclusive article provided by you will be #FEATURED front and center on the Her Version website. Article can be 500-2000 words long and include up to 5 photos. All content will be strategically placed under your own URL. The article will highlight programs you sell, books you have written and all clickable links to your website, email and social media platforms. Displayed for minimum of 12 months.

  • Get featured as an expert in all 2022 Impact Panel Events.

  • Write 2 blog posts for the Her Version platform. No word minimum. Include inspiring stories, value and promote your business  and/or product to the Her Version Platform. (maximum of 5 videos and /or pictures per blog)

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For The SEO Junkies.

Take it to the NEXT LEVEL!


Everything from Executive, Gold, Premium & VIP Packages plus:

  • Your business information listed under the Help Resources tab of the Her Version platform. Listing will be displayed for minimum of 12 months and will include clickable links to your name, business name, website and relevant social media.

  • Get exclusive introductions to other podcasters in Sabrina's inner circle that would be delighted to have you on as a guest.

  • Get exclusive admin access to the Her Version Facebook Group for 3 consecutive days. Post a maximum of 10 posts or facebook lives (1 hour max/day) to teach, inspire, do giveaways,  and/or promote your business to the Her Version Audience. 

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Get Serious About Growth.

Everything from Executive, Gold, Premium, VIP Status & Elite Social plus:


  • Book a second podcast within a year, topic of your choice. Generating 3+ spliced videos for YouTube. Compelling and vibrant graphics will be created for all videos and description will be filled with all your business information.

  • Take your business to the next level with 2 (1 hour) exclusive one on one coaching conversations with Sabrina. Cover your choice of questions and topics with Sabrina using her REAL life experiences and expertise to catapult your business growth forward.

  • What do you need? Get invited to quarterly PRIVATE networking zoom calls with other entrepreneurs. Get comfortable explaining your needs and open your world to GREAT collaborations and feedback. Get REAL solutions for your business.